Saturday, January 14, 2012

Falling asleep after eating.

Another afternoon wasted.  I had planned (well hoped) to finish putting up the trim in the schoolroom today.  I am really close to being done - hooray. 

But I was sort of slow getting started this morning and then thought I would have lunch first and then start.  What a mistake!  I have been having a harder time with my blood sugar lately, so I thought I would skip all carbs (should have just skipped the lunch!).  Went with a bowl full of (left-over) scrambled eggs topped with some salsa.  It was very tasty and I thought hmmm... I could have this for breakfast and should be good.  Most every day I skip breakfast to avoid problems.  So much for that thought. 

Next thing I knew my head was on the table.  I can't hardly remember how I made it to the couch and that was all she wrote.  I was slightly aware of what was going on in the house.  I had told Cowgirl that she could make cookie dough up with Squirt and they were busy doing that.  The other two boys were gone horseback with Dad.  I remember being very cold as I typically feel and I know I have a very difficult time speaking along with the common brain fog.  It feels like low blood sugar.  After a while I typically begin waking up and warming up and eventually can speak easily and without slurring my words.  It leaves me feeling wiped out.  It is miserable.  It has happened on and off for years. 

Over the years it seems like I go through phases of having a lot of blood sugar trouble and then not so badly.  Regardless, I eat the same all the time.  I try to never have plain carbs unless I chase it with some protein quickly after.  I try to stick with equal carbs to protein and on up to just plain protein for meals and snacks.  I avoid fruit and pasta and rice fully as they always "knock me out".  I kissed cereal goodbye some time ago.  I encourage the Crew to eat the same way.  An apple with almond butter or a banana and some nuts or almond butter toast for snacks for example.  I never eat large meals and never go long without eating also. 
However, sometimes it doesn't seem to matter what I eat... as in lunch today and that is why it is so much easier to just not eat sometimes.  It isn't like I am chowing down on candy, soda, cookies, chips... etc...  these are healthy meals and snacks that are doing me in.

A lot of people get sleepy after they eat... but it isn't just that.  It is an absolutely uncontrollable urge to sleep.  And for those that deal with it, they know that it cannot be stopped, no matter where you are or what you are doing at the time.  I actually have an urge to lie down vs. sit also for some reason.  And it doesn't matter where I am.  I have had to stay in town an extra hour or two before, sitting in the vehicle being too tired to drive home.  I have also pulled over and slept.

The only times I haven't had to deal with this in the past several years were the times that I was on fast acting insulin.  (taking insulin with my meals and dosing based on carb counting).  I felt great when on insulin.  It kept my sugar so steady and I avoided any highs or lows.   I guess the insulin prevented the surge of insulin in my body that always seems to overshoot my actual needs, which the drs. told me is what usually happens in early diabetes.  But I go through phases where it doesn't happen every day also.  But I am in the midst of the other scenario right now and thinking of insulin again.

It is very frustrating... but now that I have ranted about it... I feel a bit better.  So... off to make dinner for the Crew!


Nikki said...

Hey all I tried emailing you guys but it did not go through. I hope you and the family and doing good. we are doing good hanging in there summer is already here that went by to fast. I wanted to tell you I got a blog too yay this way we both can keep in some what contact just by reading each others stories miss you all xoxo

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