Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another missing item...

Oh look... it's another post in October.... that makes TWO... wow I am on a roll!

Anyhow.....back to subject...

Missing items drive me C R A Z Y !!  And ... well, when you have children in the house things seem to go missing frequently. Some people don't get too worked up about a little insignificant item that isn't in it's place (my husband is one of those people) and others... well... others just can't seem to sleep at night with the thought of something missing clogging up their thoughts.  Ok I used to be that way, but trust me not much keeps me from sleeping at night these days... well except for the toddler that stays up til midnight more nights than not.  But I do waste too many of my brain cells thinking about things like this and I just don't like that either!  So anyhow, back on subject again (my husband reminds me that I get off topic too easily... I tell him I just like to multi task =) )

I found my missing bananas last night.  They have been missing for exactly one week!  I was getting very nervous.  The thought of rotten, sludgy, stinky bananas lurking somewhere around the house was really getting to me.  It was a FULL bag also, not just a few.  We bought them last Friday during our grocery trip.  I didn't even miss them until mid week when Squirt requested a banana and then I remembered that yes, we had bananas... somewhere...but where were they?

Maybe still at the store?  No, I hadn't left them at the store, as I clearly remember that all the kids enjoyed a banana on the ride home that afternoon as they often do.

Maybe left in the vehicle?  No, I searched the vehicle and cleaned it out well... no bananas.

Several full living room / kitchen / pantry searches came up empty-handed.

A few more days went by with still no idea where the now possibly spoiling bananas were hiding.

Until last night.  I was becoming desperate.  I backtracked to last Friday and went over the scenario again.  Got home... big boys unloaded groceries into house.....  Squirt transported the sacks into the kitchen and pantry with his Tonka truck.... I unloaded said groceries.  

But wait!  There was a cooler involved.  I always take a cooler to town to bring back Squirt's almond milk and anything cold/frozen as we live a half hour from town.  Ok... getting warmer... and when I don't have very much cold stuff, then I tend to put veggies and fruits in there also === like bananas === BINGO!

Checked the cooler and sure enough there was my full and now quite ripe bag full of bananas.  Banana bread is on the menu for today I guess. 

Of course that doesn't end the list of missing items at our house.  But at least most of the things that go missing so often or stay missing forever don't have the potential of being such a disaster! 

I can't tell you how many hours we have logged searching under couches and beds looking for missing pacifiers.  I have kept all of Squirts pacis on paci holders which does make them much easier to find.  I have bought multiples of the same color and attatched them to the same holder.  But Squirt has inherited some of my OCD ways and he has to have the Same exact paci every night.

I spent a half hour looking for one of our netlix movies last night for my late night movie with Squirt.  Came up empty handed!

A few months back Ty bought two printer cartridges for our printer that takes 5 individual tanks.  Well they were the wrong kind, and I didn't even open them so that we could take them back to the store.  I figured Squirt would open them if he saw them, so I put them in a special place.  I remember thinking ... oh, I hope I don't forget where I put them, but I thought no way could I forget this it is very obvious!  Ya... I still haven't found them.  $20 something worth of printer ink somewhere in the house.  I have looked Many times.

I have gotten better over the years with just letting it go sometimes.  But it still drives me nuts when I can't find something and I suppose it always will.

Monday, October 17, 2011

An update for September... and now October TOO!

Life moves along at a steady and pretty rapid pace... whether you want it to or not!
I remember when I was little and thought time passed so very s l o w!
NOW, it zooooooooms by at an incredible speed.  I can't imagine what I will think when I am 60!
Here is a long and dry post about our updates...

September brought beef.  Beef emails, phone calls and customers.  Hauling steers to the processor and a few delivery weekends were a big part of the last two months.  Does it sound funny that I know the processors number by heart?  Everything has been going very well and everybody has been SO nice this year! 
Ty took in the last 2 steers of the season today.  They along with the group in there from last week are the only ones left.  We are excited to be almost done and thankful for all of our great customers. 

September also brought soccer season.  How convenient is it that this year, soccer practice is at the same place and on the same TWO afternoons each week for all three older kids??  Add in the Saturday games and the Friday piano and Sunday church and that makes 2 days a week that we don't have to go to town right now.  But that is ok; the kids are having a great time with it.  Squirt on the other hand likes to hold out on his naptime until practice and then he is up until midnight.

The new chicken coop is under construction -- Yaaa!  Not by me however; by our great friend that has helped with our new school room and several other things.  The sides and floor are built and just need to be put together along with the roof.   The chickens will be in chicken heaven!! 

Maybe I could get a few pictures of said chicken coop and soccer kids.......if my camera would work!  Yes that is right... Squirt got a hold of my camera and dropped it and now it tempermentally shuts off whenever it pleases and you cannot view any of the taken pictures at all or it will shut off every time.  SOOOO.... add it to the list of things that have come in contact with Squirt and NOT survived!

Squirt has been doing better.  No huge problems with his allergies since my last posting I believe.  We did take his beloved cheese tortillas away and that has helped tremendously.  Never made sense that he could have goat cheese but not goat milk at all.  I think it was just the case where when you have a little all the time and you generally don't feel well all the time, but it is hard to connect it to the source.  But we ran out of the goat cheese and he was without for 2 weeks and then when we added it back in it was SO obvious.  After trying that twice, then we knew it was a NO NO.  Let me tell you he has improved a lot since saying goodbye to his favorite food; though it was very hard for him.  Makes me very upset with myself to think of how many of those stupid cheese tortillas he has had in the past year; often the only thing he would eat.  So that is one significant improvement that I am happy to report.

On the negative side we did have a Squirt accident in the past month that had me thinking ER visit.
Squirt was standing on a stool next to me at the stove watching me cook a meat tortilla in the frying pan and tripped forward and landed the palm of his right hand smack in the little bit of oil I had in the pan!  I knew it was going to be bad and grabbed him up and ran it under cool water as I dosed him with tylenol at the same time.  I sprayed some burn spray w/ aloe on it and globbed neosporin on it and wrapped it.  Huge, blisters were bulging all up his pointer finger to his wrist and covered every other finger also.  It caused a good deal of pain and woke him several times during the night.  We kept that hand completely wrapped for a little over two weeks and he adapted very well.  He was very tolerant of the bandaging and didn't bother it.  He actually liked the thick padding over those painful blisters.  After we stopped wrapping it, the pointer finger has continued to blister and heal several times over.  The spots are still a deep red on his hand, but it seems to look fairly well and doesn't bother him now.  The first of the kids to deal with a burn of that magnitude.

School is going along.  Pretty well.  Our schoolroom is almost done.  We are down to the flooring and the trim work.  We figured the chickens probably needed their winter home before we needed flooring in the schoolroom!  It will be great to have a room to organize our school stuff and our toys and be able to quickly and efficiently access it!  Right now we have a little stuffed in everybody's closet. 

The three older kids are doing well.  Just enjoying soccer, getting the outdoor and indoor chores done, doing their schooling... sometimes reluctantly... and waiting for their turn to get to go with Dad and help on the ranch.

Well, without some pictures, that is probably enough of an update for one post!
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