Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The no longer nameless pug... and a bit of kennel cough.

We finally decided on a name for our new fat pug.
Here is the final list they decided on: 

George - an early favorite from Pistol
Dewey - something little Squirt came up with... not sure what he was really trying to say.
Hank -Hank the cowdog, lol.
Wally - well, really Wall-e after the movie.
Butch - not sure where this came from.
Joke - Cowboy really liked this one.
Louie - a nickname from Cowboy's middle name since we got Pug the day after his birthday.

It came down to George and Wally.  A family vote and the Crew decided on:   WALLY!
I think they did a great job naming him!

On a less exciting note, WALLY came home with a case of kennel cough aka bordatella!
Thankfully the pound folks had suspected it the morning we got him and the vet gave him some meds.  So between that and his meds for the infected teeth he had pulled, he came home with 3 prescriptions.

We have never dealt with kennel cough.  His coughing became pretty bad on Friday and especially Saturday, but have been improving little by little since.  He sounded like a seal barking for a while.  Now he sounds more like he is choking a little bit.

Still mellow and happy.  Still appears well potty-trained -- or is that housebroke, ha.ha.  Either way, he hasn't been having accidents or marking anywhere, not even outside.  In fact it is almost hard to convince him to go to the potty outside at all.  He likes to walk around for 10 minutes and then finally does his business.

I think he will fit in just fine with our household. 
We are just hoping little Dolly doesn't get sick from him. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Loving on our dogs...

We are dog folks.  Always been, always will be.  Well, maybe the exception is the husband.  Not so much for him.  He could go either way really.  When we married I had a little dog that he just adored.  That dog, Booger, quickly became his dog and loved to go everywhere with him.  He was a little aussie X heeler and yes, he came from the pound also.  Those pounds get me every time.  Unfortunately little Booger met an untimely death due to a horrible accident with the cake wagon.  My poor husband said he would never love another dog.  And he really hasn't.  He is afraid to get attatched to another just to loose him also.Broke my heart. 
As for the rest of us... it hasn't stopped us...we are still loving on our dogs....

And since I posted about our new little friend... still without a name, PUG.  I thought I should post about the rest of the Crew dogs.
Here is Squirt giving Dolly a kiss.  Or maybe the other way around.  He loves her a little more than she loves him.  But she is very very good with him and we are careful she doesn't get hurt.  And she does love all the treats that she gets when she hangs out with him!  She also curls up near him when he sleeps.

This pic. is almost two years old now.  Cowboy and Pistol loving on the stray dog that tried to follow us home.  Brownie is an awesome dog.  She is a bit shy and nervous of strangers, but is just a nice farm/ranch dog that hangs close to the house and loves to go on bike rides with the boys.

This pic. is also almost two year old.  Cowgirl and her dog that she got from the pound for her 5th birthday.  She is about 10-11 year old now and is a real nice dog also.  Calm and mellow and really prefers to spend the majority of her time in the boot room.  She likes her comfort zone.  She and a friend were taken to the pound (by a young man's father) when their young owner was deployed over seas.  Unfortunately her friend wasn't the sort that we could have brought home also.  I wish her old owner could see how happy she is now.

"Bud and Badger"
the (goat) guard dogs.
We love them.... from a distance.
They are akbash X anatolian X pyrenees.
They are full brothers.  They love like brothers and they also fight like brothers!
We got them as half grown pups. 
They do their jobs well guarding the goats.
Before we had them we had coyotes coming into the fenced area around the house. 
They just wanted those goats so badly it was crazy.
They would run up to the goat fence in the middle of the day.
We did have another farm dog loose at that time.
But I have learned that there is just no comparison between farm dogs and livestock guardian dogs.
And the coyotes know it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Look what we (I) found at the pound.

Or maybe better labeled... the latest addition to my dog addiction:
How could you say no to that face?

I have been known to browse pound websites in my free time.  I admit to it.  So I had a little boston terrier several years ago that died at an early age.  I loved her so so so much.  She went everywhere with me and she was my calm companion during some rough years when Cowboy was a baby and always sick.  Her death still hurts terribly.  I found a little pug in the paper shortly after her death, but she was so so hyper that I found her another home w/pugs that loved her.  Then we ended up with our little housedog that we have now.  I do love her, but she just isn't my little boston.  So when I saw a little girl boston in the pound, I just had to go see her.  But she was very hyper and jumped all over us and knocked Squirt down and we knew it wouldn't work.  But then we saw this fat pug in another kennel.  Then a few days later he went up for adoption and they said he was calm and was a people lover, so I thought why not go look.  Even though I said I would never have a male housedog!  So that is my story.

Isn't he the cutest thing?  And the FATTEST thing!!  He weighs a whopping 26 1/2 pounds!
He jiggles when he walks and has huge rolls all over his body.  He seems such a nice fellow.  3 years old, very calm and mellow and so far seems well housebroke!  I wish I knew his story.  We don't have an official name for him yet and each kid is calling him something different.  George seems to be the most often used name so far.  So we will see.  We will give him the two week trial and see how he fits into the family, but so far it couldn't be going better. 

As my husband likes to say.... I need another dog like I need a hole in the head.  I think he thinks I have plum lost it, but alas, he only smiled as I loaded the obese pug into the vehicle yesterday afternoon.

I saw my very first pug when I was around 12.  I love.love.loved him.  I said I would have one one day.
They just make you smile when you look at them.  I hope somebody isn't still looking for this fellow. 

I will not tell you how many other dogs we have.  well maybe I will, or you will think it is worse than it really is.
Not counting our two guard dogs, this makes 4 dogs.  Not so bad right.  I don't count the guard dogs, as they live with the goats full time and they are more like livestock.  They are not pets and we don't treat them as such.  So then we have one other little house dog, and one mutt dog that came from the pound maybe 6 years ago and lives in our mudroom and has her own yard.  Then we picked up another stray dog in town almost 2 years ago that lives outside and has a dog house.  She is not penned and does wonderful staying near the house well. 

For reference, our other little house dog weighs 9 1/2 pounds. 
Don't mind her chop job haircut!  She is a shi-tzu X toy poodle and I love the no-shedding thing, but I just really love the short haired dogs.  It is a toss up.  You can't hardly beat the no shedding, but I hate the hair cutting thing and the stickers in the leg hair thing and the muddy hair thing and the matting hair if you don't brush or keep the coat short thing.  So... a toss up to me.  
Oh, and for the record she wasn't the sharpest tack in the box either.  I think maybe that is the shi-tzu in her.  But she is now finally potty trained.   But she is a love bug, a cuddle in your lap and sleep with you on the couch sort of dog.  A sweet little old lady type of dog and that is just what I wanted!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Birthday Boy

(don't mind the candles that Squirt blew out)
Cowboy turns 10 today!!
I asked him a few hours ago, "so... how does it feel to be 10 now?"
He looked at me and very seriously said, "I don't know yet... I won't be 10 until 9:30 tonight".
I thought for a sec. and replied, "you are right, except it is 9:31" and laughed!  You just gotta love that kid. 
He is my type A.  He is so planned and thought out about everything.  I think he will do amazing things when he grows up.  He is always ready to help and works until the job is done.  We enjoy him a ton and love him a lot!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"oh for the life of a mother..."

that is what my husband jokingly tells me all of the time when things aren't going so smoothly.  And when things aren't going well for him...
I smile and chime in with... "oh for the life of a cowboy...rancher...ect..."

So last night we were preparing to watch our family movie and discovered a non-functional vcr/dvd player.
Surprisingly nobody knew anything.  Accusations and suspicions abounded... all evidence pointed to Squirt.  It wasn't the first time we encountered this problem after all.  I will not mention which # vcr we are on now; that would be embarrassing after all.  But suffice it to say that we have had more than we have had kids :).  

So what is a mother to do.  I started with lots of patience.  Trying to close the DVD drawer... gently.  Next I progressed to less patient jamming.  Finally came the logical reasoning and the discovery of a DVD that was stuck inside and UNDER the actual drawer (don't ask). 

So I was left with two options... give up all hope or tear it apart and hope I can get it back together properly.  I went with option #2 figuring I could always resort back to option #1 if things got ugly.  I also didn't want to see rancher husband's face if I had to tell him that a.  he couldn't watch any more movies, or b. we had to buy another dvd player!

I brought in the CREW to help with the distraction of Squirt so that I could concentrate... well at least try to. 

A few screws removed here and there and we were in. 

A little more poking and prodding and I successfully removed the offending DVD. 
How appropriate that it was Bob the Builder... You know.... "can we fix it?  Yes we can!"

Then we got the drawer back on the right track and were ready to go.  And it was only a 40 minute procedure too!  Not yet sure if Bob made it through the ordeal or not... he had a few new scratches and marks, and we haven't been eager to push our luck yet.
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