Monday, June 27, 2011

Where did June go?

I just can't believe July is almost here.  Where does the time go?

What did we do in June?

Baseball season started.  Thankfully both the older boys have practice on the same 2 nights a week, but it means 3 hours of practice /night plus an hour of driving.  So it is a little chunk of time to entertain Squirt during.  And more often than not Squirt falls asleep during the drive in.  What happens when your now 2 year old takes a nap at 5pm you ask.... yes, that means that he is still up at 12am, and that means that momma is also!  Squirt and I have had several late night movies going lately.  At least he sits nicely and watches movies... yes... but the big fight is getting him to sleep before I fall asleep!

We haven't gotten our official chicken coop built yet, but we did get a smaller version of one built, which the chicks... now pullets... are enjoying very much!  We were going to build a smaller chicken "tractor" aka portable coop, but it ended up being a little heavier and larger than I planned.  We did add some wheels so that it is portable, but a bit heavy.  I think it is about 8'X8', with a covered 4'X8' section and a 4'X4' house inside that can be fully closed.  We did have to buy some new lumber and wire but we were able to use all scraps of metal roofing for the roof and one solid wall.  It was a sort of build/plan as you go since I am not much of a planner, so that meant some last minute changes and a few trips to the store, but in the end I am happy with how it turned out.  I just need to get a picture.

We have several June birthdays.  Not only in our household, but of other family members and friends also.
In our house,
Pistol turned 7 the beginning of the month!!
Squirt turned 2 the middle of the month!!
and I had a birthday a week or so back also.

I have many many pictures, but they are all on my camera at the moment and I need to get them on the computer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

keeping up with life... take 2!

Has it really been a year.
I was going to be good about this blog.
I was giong to keep up with updates.
Not for others so much as for ourselves.
I used to keep a diary growing up.
I quit after I got married... not bored enough at that point.
I wanted to jot down the neat things the kids did.
I wanted to be able to have pictures that followed along with my posts.
I wanted to be able to print it for my kids and myself one day.

But life bit me in the behind and I jumped... and I keep jumping... just trying to keep up.
Piano is this morning.  My shower is still untaken.  I have to leave in a half hour.  We are out of groceries... again.   Baseball game was last night.  Two of the kids are gone to help Dad at a branding (of a neighbor's) and so that meant more of the chores was left to me and Cowboy who stayed home w/me and Squirt.  I am tired.  We have baseball practice two nights a week and then come home and do chores and get the kids in bed at 10... yes....  how many years ago was it that I had my kids tucked in bed and asleep by 7 pm every night.... not so long.   But we are enjoying ourselves also... baseball... fishing... horse riding... growing up.... new chicks turning into chickens....   so it is all worth it... time just passes too fast.  we need some more hours in the day, some more days in the week and some more months in the year.
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