Saturday, June 12, 2010

keeping up with.... Life.

Gosh time just jumps on by and before you even know it the day, week, month, year ... is just gone. 

Two months have pretty much flown by without my posting here at all.  Wondering what we have been up to?  Well... let's see... in a nutshell....

*branding season on our ranch and all the neighbors'... always a busy time.


*baseball season started the end of May and Pistol and Cowboy are on the same team, so only driving in for practice two times a week... yeah!

*Pistol had his 6th birthday a week ago today!!

*Soccer camp all of this week for all three older kiddos.

*Cowboy broke a bone in his wrist the 4th day of soccer camp;
we are really bummed about his baseball season. 

*Little Squirt had his 1st birthday today!!  Boy did that year fly on by!

Life is great; we are so blessed.

I have tons of pictures to document it all too, but I haven't put them on the computer yet, so I guess that won't be happening tonight. 
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