Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Christmas 2009: (Yes, we finally got a tree put up!)

Dec. 2009:

COWPOKE  hamming it up and crawling:

 drinking from his sippy:

Sitting... doesn't he look so proud of himself:
I guess the ones of him standing are on my current camera card and not on the computer yet... next goal!


Well goodness does time ever fly by! And I have been pretty bad about updating this blog. For some reason the act of having to sign in just sounds like an awful lot of trouble, well...enough to keep me from updating anyways.

First Thanksgiving.... then Christmas..... then COWGIRL's 10th birthday... and now we are about into Feb. already!!

The good news is that we are all well and have so far eluded any major sicknesses this winter.

The three big kids are doing great and had a nice Christmas and have been keeping up with their school, chores and fitting in every spare minute to go with Dad. We have worked our schedule out so they can go feed cake on Mondays with him and they are loving that! We all enjoyed a nice Christmas break and are refreshed for another bit of schooling now. They have started back into choir and piano lessons  and really seem to enjoy that also.

COWPOKE  is doing just great. He has changed so much so fast. He started crawling in early December and got his first two teeth also. Early January he turned 7 months old and learned to sit up by himself and started pulling up to a stand while holding onto things and is quite a pro at it now even showing off by letting go with one hand. He is also babbling a bit and is trying to wave at us. I can't say he has improved any in the sleeping department, but when he is awake he is so happy and we all enjoy the little guy so very much. With his three older siblings, he never hurts for someone to play with!

Daddy and I are doing well. Enjoying life keeping up with our bunch. Still without television and enjoying it. Though we did join netflix a while back and have especially been enjoying the Little House on the Prairie series in the evenings together. We also have gotten some neat science videos for our schooling and so it works out great.
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