Thursday, October 15, 2009

October update...

Wow does the time fly by anymore!
Guess I haven't been all that good at keeping up with this blog after all!

We have been busy with school and soccer lately. Got all the calves shipped the past few weeks.

Everybody is doing well. Daddy  is about fully recovered from his horse kick. The big kids are enjoying soccer practice and games.
Just been busy trying to keep up with all of it. Things will slow down soon around here though and we will settle into more of a routine for the winter months I think.

COWPOKE  is changing every day. He is growing so fast. He rolls over both ways and loves playing with toys now. The kids think he is a riot the way he likes to carry on a conversation with you now. He is also getting his first two teeth in. Don't grow up too fast little buddy!
I know every parent says so, but ...what a cutie pie!!
I just LOVE the expression in this picture! He is such a character!
He is such a happy little fellow. He is smiling all the time!
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