Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, we are back online finally! We lost the internet satelite after the last big storm and have been w/o for almost 2 weeks. I sure missed it, especially since we have been w/o tv all summer and so like to check the news and weather over the internet. Anyways, we are now hooked up to a  new high speed internet, so no more satelite. Seems to be a few gliches still w/clicking on links, but hopefully get that worked out soon. Does seem a bit faster.

We have to go in a minute to meet the internet guy and pick up our cat! He just called me and said he got all the way back and opened up the back and there sat our orange cat, Spike! Thankfully he is a very nice internet guy who went to school with Daddy!

All three big kids joined soccer last night. Just 1 practice/week and games and only lasts Sept. and Oct., so hopefully will be able to handle that.

Had my sister visiting us for a week and we all had a good time. We went up to the mountains for another hotdog roast and got a nice pic. of the kids that day.

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